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--Christopher Nilsson, Activites Director;

The Dorothy Ross Friedman Residence , NYC



Kimberly Faye Greenberg Brings Fanny Brice To Fabulous Life!


She is as nimble and rubber-faced as Brice in her prime, executing a montage of physical numbers like "Sadie Salome" and "I'm an Indian" with gleeful ease and tossing off joke after joke. It's more than a cabaret in that Greenberg gives you a complete story arc to follow, radiating with such warm, homey intimacy that even newcomers to Brice's canon will leave feeling like experts.


In fact, until true time travel becomes possible, Kimberly's act is the closest modern audiences will ever come to seeing Fanny in person.




Thank you for presenting such a wonderful program this morning for our Yiddish Club breakfast. Your "Fanny Brice" set a new attendance record at 330 people. Your knowledge of Fanny was complete and your singing was remarkable. Your personality shined through and you related so well with your audience who remained spellbound by your performance. You deserved the standing ovation you received. We certainly look forward to having you back again in the future.

Performance at 54 Below, NYC

I wanted to personally thank you for coming to do your program on Fanny Brice for our Concert Series this year. The response from our audience since your appearance has been overwhelming. The buzzwords everyone has been using were entertaining, amazing, so professional, felt like I was in Manhattan at a Broadway show.


I thought the evening was pure delight and so appropriate for audiences of all ages. Your transformation into such a legend was magical.

--Richard Koons, Director Of FLUMC Concert Series;

Franklin Lakes United Methodist Church Franklin Lakes, NJ

Kim was enthusiastically received by our group, rekindling wonderful memories for many of them. I was thoroughly impressed by her professionalism and dedication to accurately portraying a revered theatrical icon.


A truly wonderful and entertaining evening. Everyone in the audience was captivated by your incredible voice, charm, dance and talent. We loved your marvelous portrayal of Fanny Brice's life and listening to her many memorable songs. Your resemblance to her is amazing.

-- Irene Holzer, Director of Events;

Riviera Shalom Club, NJ

--Harlan Tuckman, Chairperson;

Greenbriar/Whittingham Yiddish Club, NJ

My Wife and I loved the show last night! She's been a fan of Fanny Brice most of her life and we were very happy to be able to see your show. Thanks for a wonderful evening!


--Dan Crozier, audience Member

Florissant Civic Center, MO

This is to offer our heartfelt recommendation for the one-woman show Fabulous Fanny! I know your members and patrons will appreciate Miss Greenberg's performance as she disappears into the title character. Fanny charms us into walking with her through the stages of her life and career, each important juncture enhanced by the music made famous by Fanny Brice. To be sure there is the comedic and pithy aspects that defined the public Fanny, but more importantly we experience the backdrop events that influenced and molded the private Fanny into a star of vaudeville, radio, and movies.


The performance includes fine singing, dancing and comedic turns on a simple stage set that evokes the theaters of the past. Our audience truly enjoyed the show, and Fanny was fabulous!


Miss Greenberg was a delight to work with. Thumbs up all the way!


--Morris Engle, Treasurer

Phillips County Arts Council, KS